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Intro to Pond Performance Ltd.

Pond Performance Ltd. was an idea that has been growing for about 10 years before it became a reality. It was originally built on the idea of returning to my hometown of Penticton, BC and wanting to find ways to help athletes with their training for sport. I was a young athlete that grew up playing hockey, golf, soccer, skiing and other activities with friends. When it came time to want to train for sport and pursue sports full-time in the goal of a scholarship, I started going to a gym and training on my own or with friends. This was primarily how I spent most of my training in my teenage years and even my off-seasons through junior and college hockey. Along the way I had help from a couple of different personal trainers who were great for me in the small amount of time I was fortunate to work with them, but it wasn't a sustainable way for me due to the costs of personal training. I would work with them for a few workouts to get different ideas and go back to working out on my own.

While I was in University, I had the idea come to mind that when I was done with my hockey career, I wanted to come home and build a space for athletes to come train, while also wanting to make it as accessible as possible. The goal became to start a company with the focus on helping athletes train. Not just train in a sense of showing up to do their workout and leaving, but to learn the proper movement patterns and techniques, learn how to use their body under control to help them grow in their overall athleticism! Challenge them to moving under set tempos, changing the stimulus, understanding rest between sets, sprinting mechanics, the difference between speed work and conditioning, reasoning for having a true training block that they follow for three weeks before changing the stimulus due to training principles. All of these are just a small part of what goes into helping the athletes, it's about helping answer the questions they have about training as they do workouts at school or on their own time outside of training sessions in our facility. Learning to understand their own bodies, when to rest, when to push it, hurt vs. harm, sleep hygiene and balancing nutrition. As this idea continued to grow into what it is today, I also realized that I wanted to help beyond just the youth athletes, but help people in all stages of their lives. We all deal with aches and pains, we want to live healthy lives and be able to complete the activities that we enjoy, especially living in such a great area for outdoor activities! This is where our slogan of "Performing for Life" came from, as while our main focus was initially on youth athletes, we all grow older and I want to help set up the youth to be able to succeed across the life span, as I want to provide the the tools to be able to enjoy training and train for life!

While we are very early in the stages since we only started up at the start of July 2021, we are extremely happy with the progress we have made and the clientele we have been able to start working with this far!


Behind Pond Performance Ltd.

Bob Pond - CAT(C), CSCS, ATC

I am the founder of Pond Performance Ltd. thanks to the support of many people close to me. I graduated from Minot State University with a Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training, while playing 4 years for the Minot State Men's Hockey team. I am a Certified Athletic Therapist (CAT(C)), Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach(CSCS), and Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC). I am currently also working on attaining my Masters of Rehabilitation Science from the University of British Columbia. Before starting Pond Performance Ltd., I spent 5 seasons as an Athletic Therapist and Strength Coach at the Okanagan Hockey Academy including one season as the Manager of Athletic Therapy and Medical Services while also overseeing the Strength & Conditioning program of the roughly 160 athletes. Outside of my time spent working on programming, rehabilitation or with clients, I still enjoy to get out and be active in sports and spend time with my family!

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