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Client Testimonials

"After working with Bob this past summer, it was the best I've felt going into a season. Bob really took the time to break it down and helped me tweak the little deficiencies that were taking away from my game. Bob is very knowledgeable and passionate and it shows in his work. Creating more than just a client relationship, Bob goes the extra mile and continues to help me work on my game."

Dave Silye

Wisconsin Badgers

NCAA Division I


"Bob has been an excellent trainer for myself, as he designs his workouts to be sport specific and personalized for my training goals. His programs are designed to push his clients and focus on continuous development. With Bob's ability to incorporate rehabilitation aspects into his strength training programs it helps his clients maintain technique and mobility. Bob has been tremendously important in my training to play NCAA hockey and constantly improving every summer by getting stronger and faster. I would recommend Pond Performance to any athlete who wants to take the next step with their training."

Tyrell Buckley

EHF Passau


"Working with Bob the last two summers I feel I've become not just a better hockey player on the ice but a better athlete. Bob takes the time to really explain and help you understand why are doing each exercise and where it translates to the game. Bob brings energy everyday and makes it fun to come to the gym every morning while holding you accountable."

Connor Bouchard

Mount Royal University

Canada West USports


"Bob has been instrumental in my summer training and season preparation the past few years. His knowledge of Strength and Conditioning, as well as rehabilitation benefits every athlete as he helps them reach their maximum potential. He cares about each one of his clients, building their confidence daily by demonstrating his ability to teach each exercise and technique properly. Bob has had a huge impact on the player I am today. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a coach as qualified and professional as Bob!"

Alyssa MacMillan

University of Ottawa GeeGees

U Sports

"Over the last 3 years Bob has helped me recover back to 100% from a broken femur and had me return to skating comfortably post injury. He would work with me daily on the small details that would ensure my leg recovered to be stronger than before. He also pushed my strength and speed to levels I didn't think I could reach, which comes from his unique approach and effective methods to exercise selection and execution. He is constantly correcting us and providing feedback on how to improve as we go. Bob does a phenomenal job of making it a professional atmosphere while still having a blast working hard every day."

Tijs Vreys

U20 Team Belgium

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