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August Soccer Technical Training Sessions

3 Weeks of Soccer Technical Training & Strength and Conditioning. August 8-25.

All athletes welcome! Gym sessions are only available to those with birth year 2010 and older. Focus will be on movement technique and different training stimuli!

Field Sessions are available to athletes of all ages and will focus on running mechanics, change of direction & Technical ball skills.

Reserve your spot by contacting us here!

Female 7 Week Summer Development Program

An all inclusive 7 week off-season development program for the female hockey athlete. This will be on a limited offering to only 10 athletes to maximize the coaching and individual details to each athlete. Don't miss this opportunity to take your game to the next level for your best season yet!


Hockey Summer Development Program

Join us this off-season to take the next steps in your game. In conjunction with Skate with Power Inc. we are looking to deliver another great summer elevating our athletes game to the next level. Don't miss your opportunity to partake in an all inclusive summer program where the off-ice and on-ice complement each other to maximize the potential of each individual. 

Contact us or Skate With Power to reserve your spot.