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Pond Performance Ltd. was created on the idea of promoting health and wellness to Penticton and surrounding areas. With our background being in both Strength & Conditioning as well as Athletic Therapy we are able to offer a unique experience aimed at improving your strength while mitigating the day to day pains you may be experiencing. We offer both lifestyle oriented training with the goal of improving strength and mobility in key areas that we often see neglected or we have our high performance training with the athletes in mind following an athletic development model that focuses on building a strong foundation and functional movements to develop well-rounded athletes to excel in their desired sports. 

Our Athletic Therapy clinic also allows for injury assessment and rehabilitation that can be carried over into your strength training for a full experience.

Be sure to check out the services we offer and explore the webpage. Stay tuned for more information coming as we continue to grow and offer more sessions! Contact us today with any questions so we can help get you n the right path for whatever your goals may be!

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