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Strength & Conditioning

What is the value?

There are many benefits to strength and conditioning, not just for athletes but to people from all walks of life. We have foundational movements that we repeatedly do for our entire lives such as Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull & Carry. We complete these motions through our entire lifespan which is why we believe it's important to continue training. Resistance training has been shown thru studies to increase bone density and lower your risk of falls, while also increasing strength, endurance and mobility. It can lead to increased mental health and overall quality of life.

For athletes we want to improve on the basic movements and build a strong foundation. With mastery of the basic movements we are able to build and adapt to any demands our sport may throw at us with a reduced risk of injury. We believe in building well-rounded athletes with an emphasis on movement patterns and movement efficiency. Being ex-athletes we understand the demands we have of our bodies and take a tailored approach to reduce risk of injury while building strength and power to help you perform at your best.

Personal Training

Looking for personal training in a private facility? We have just what you are looking for! All personal training sessions are hosted in our private facility with just you and your coach! Programming is based around your goals with goal setting & workout logging!

Team Workouts

Team training options are available! A plan is designed for the duration of the time working with the team with workouts, speed work, mobility and recovery built around the team schedule. Help your team elevate their game this season!

small Group Training

Small Group training consist of group sizes between 4-8 people who enjoy working out with others! These are offered for athletes and those wanting to improve their fitness!

Remote Training

Like to workout on your own schedule but want help with programming to help you achieve your goals? We offer remote training to limited clientele and deliver the workouts through an app that allows us to check your progress & communicate!

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